DVSN’s Morning After is that old school metaphorical R&B.

Believe me when I tell ya’ll that this album is all that then some. I listened to the album from top to bottom twice in a row yesterday. There is something about their vocals and the production that feeds my soul. The entire album is your love making playlist ladies and gents. I mean, it is called Morning After. Maybe its because they’re canadian? Ya’ll know people from Canada are of a different breed. The title track has an upbeat tempo with a hint of a Caribbean feel.  It has a very light airy feel and the only up tempo beat in the entire tracklist. P.O.V, which samples Maxwell’s classic “Fortunate” embraces all the natural things about a woman, including your tiger stripes.

Mood provides P.O.V. with an amazing entry that allows the tracks to flow into each other and the crafting of each track fits like pieces to a puzzle.  If you remember, I put them in the same box with Daniel Caesar’s Freudian as far as vocals go, and if you listened to that album, you know why. Its an amazing body of work and I highly suggest you listen to it.


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